About Me

This website has been created to help you with your wordpress sites…

If you are struggling with sitespeed, SEO, or content strategy then maybe you could do with my help.

My name is Phil Stanton, i have been passionate about engineering all my life…

I have been told that i was given a box of plugs and sockets when i was young to stop me taking them off the wall…. I don’t remember it, so i will have to take my parents word…

I started a career in electronic engineering for the merchant navy, but decided not to go to sea.

With my background i secured a job in the aviation industry, designing specialised parts for aircraft.

I have now left that industry and since 2016 have concentrated on developing my web skills.

Having learnt how to create websites, produce high ranking content, and make some money with those sites, i found i was always tinkering with the back end….

So i have learnt how to improve your site speed, create SEO content and structure sites for wordpress sites.

If any of that is of interest to you then please get in contact via the contact page and we can chat about what you need.